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Grandma and the post card

My grandmother’s name was Marlene. She passed away on September 6th, 2019.

This is important for later.

I am a true believer that when a loved one passes away, they’re still with us. If you’ve read my books, you also know this to be true.

I’d been missing my grandmother a lot lately, from her wise advice to her no-bullshit attitude.

Anyhow, a few weeks ago, the thought occurred to me that I needed old postcards. (See Facebook page for the post on January 9th on my personal page.) Where that thought came from, I had no idea. What also occurred to me was to ask if anyone has the contact information for the woman who owns The Antique Depot on Main Street. (See Facebook page post on Jan 25th on my personal page.) Again, I had no idea where these thoughts had come from, but I followed them.

I got the phone number for the woman named Kim who owns The Antique Depot.

I texted Kim and asked if she had any old postcards. She texted me back and said that she did and that when she rounded them up, she’d call me.

A week passed and I didn’t think anything of it. On a Saturday, out of the blue, she messaged me and said that she had some postcards ready for me to look at.

I’d told Brandon about the thoughts I’d had about the postcards and Kim.

God love my husband.

He never judges my creative mind or the off-the-wall thoughts that I have, or my corny jokes—okay, maybe sometimes he rolls his eyes at my jokes. My point is, he loves me through it. Anyhow, I told him I was heading down to the Depot to look at the postcards.

When I arrived, and for those local to Fortuna, the Antique Depot is now The Nest and located next door to Main Street Feed, she handed me the postcards.

My jaw fell to the floor when I got to the third postcard.

The front read:

For My Valentine.

Put your heart into my care.

The back read:

From, Marlene.

And “Marlene” was written in her same exact handwriting.

Immediately, I welled up. I’d just met Kim and I certainly didn’t want to start crying in the middle of the store---what would she do? What would I tell her?

Thankfully, my tears dissolved into my black mask. I thanked Kim, although, I’m not sure she knew she was the vessel in which I was supposed to communicate with my grandmother.

When I came home and showed Brandon, he was speechless. For those who know my husband, he’s usually never speechless and he’s ALWAYS been a skeptic of that sort of thing until Jason passed away. As a family, we’ve had WAY too many experiences for those who’ve passed that we can’t not believe they’re still with us.

Today I know my grandmother wants me to put my heart in her care, her way of saying, maybe, not to worry, and that she's still loving me from heaven.

If you’re missing someone who’s passed away, just ask them to show you they’re still with you—look for the signs. I promise, if you’re open to it—they’ll ALWAYS come through.

Pictures are below.


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