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Dillon Creek #4




Calder Atwood picked up the pieces of his family after the tragedy that shook his parents, brothers, and the town of Dillon Creek. Now, the oldest brother, he'll stop at nothing to protect the ones he loves. 

A real-life cowboy who keeps his cards close to his chest, he uses work as a distraction from the one thing that's always been missing, the only woman to share his future with. 

It was the first time Calder laid eyes on Camilla Crane years ago, he knew that she was different from most women, and he couldn't help but fall in love with her. And when Joe died, Calder made a commitment to himself and Joe, to watch over Camilla and her son, Malik, even if it meant putting his own life on the line.  Calder is trying like hell not to fall in love with Camilla, and he knows by doing so, he could be risking losing her and Malik forever.




Camilla Crane is as stubborn as they come. A widow, single mother, quiet, but tough. She fell in love with a man who died an untimely death, a death she's never been able to fully recover from. Now, years later, Joe's past comes back to haunt her. 

With Calder Atwood helping her with odd jobs on the ranch, and her heart still committed to her dead husband, somehow Camilla needs to navigate through her feelings for Calder and make sure her only focus is her son Malik. 

But when Camilla starts to receive death threats because of her secrets, she leans into the cowboy more than she should.

Will Camilla run again, or will she fight to survive?

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