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Feet and Cats...Editing sucks.

I’m supposed to be editing Crimson Lace.

But instead, I decide to take a picture of my cat, Leo. He sits here, waiting for me to pet him. He’s really needy and handsome. I talk to him in my kitty voice. He hates it.

I need to get back to editing. But I can’t focus. Here’s my head right now:

I wonder when the books will be here?

I hear a cricket outside. Is it supposed to rain today?

I pick up my phone to check my weather app. But, invariably, I end up on Facebook.

Why did I pick up my phone in the first place? I don’t remember so I set it down and try to buckle down and get focused.

Dude…I need to do something with my toenails. They’re awful right now.

Was that the UPS truck?

I’m hungry.

My arms are dry. I need some lotion.

I tell myself to focus. I hate editing.

You see, writing the book isn’t the hard part, contrary to popular belief. It’s the editing that makes my fingers unwilling and makes me think about my ugly toes and my cat.

But then I remember my reward for finishing the edits to Crimson Lace.

Are you ready?

I’ve outlined a stand-alone novel and will begin to write the manuscript as soon as I hit ‘send’ button on Crimson Lace.

So, I’m back to square one…editing.

I stare at my keyboard.

I stare at the screen.

The damn cursor is teasing me, blinking incessantly waiting for my finger strokes. It hasn’t moved in a good 12 minutes.

Is that the UPS truck?

I wonder if the books will be here today?

Ohhh! I just received another email. I'll check it and then buckle down.

And the whole damn process starts over again.

Editing sucks.

I’d rather trim my toenails, obviously.

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