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Chances are if you’ve pre-ordered an ebook copy of Black Five, it should be sitting on your device at midnight tonight.

No matter what happens, I’m so damn proud of Black Five. So proud.

I’m in awe of how far this book has come. At times I wanted to give up. I wanted to walk away. I wanted to pull my hair out. Scream. Cry, even.

But something deep inside said, keep going.

I don’t regret a single decision. Even if the worst reviews are written, the best reviews written, I overcame my fears and put the story out there—to the whole world.

I didn’t write Black Five for reviews. For likes or dislikes. I simply wrote it to help kids cope with their realities. To have an escape when life gets tough.

Bottom line? I believe in Black Five with my whole heart. And I love this story.

Love. This. Story.

I had a conversation with my husband the other day. I said, “What if people hate it?” He shrugs. “What does it matter?” I thought about it. Nothing. Not a single thing will change. I will still have this beautiful life with this amazing husband my two little gifts from God (my children). “Nothing,” I said. He smiles. “Then you have your answer. We still have each other and that’s what matters.”

After today, nothing will change. I’ll have a book out there for people to read. I’ll still coach my son’s soccer team, and take my daughter to dance. I’ll still clean the cat box and change the sheets on Sundays.

That’s it.

I could not do what I do without all of the love from this Facebook page, colleagues, friends and family.

Huge thank you to Poorhouse Publishing for believing me, and this story.

OK…Whew…Here we go…

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