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BLACK FIVE cover reveal will be 07.15.15 and I love cats.

Cover reveal for BLACK FIVE, the first installment of the Black Blood Chronicles will be July 15th! Check out my Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages for opportunities to win a signed copy of BLACK FIVE.

Anyway...I don't use this blog portion of my website very often. That has to change. I wrote a book for crying out loud. I must have something to say. Right?

Let's see...okay. As I type this, I've just finished up working on my website. My cat, Chicken Dinner, lays next to me. Funny thing, his name. His official name is Vinni. Although over the years, he's gone from: Vinni, to Binner-Binner then down to just one "Binner." Then back to Binner-Binner and then added: Chicken-DInner. And now? Just "Chicken Dinner." Don't ask me why. But I think he likes it. I guess. He doesn't seem to mind it. Chicken DInner is an odd duck--or--cat rather. We always know when an earthquake is coming because he goes MIA for a few days before. He's got some emotional stuff going on, although, I think we've solved that with cat nip. Maybe. We will see.


We have two cats, actually. The other one's name is Leo. He hasn't gone through an entire metamorphsis of names. It's just Leo. One syllable. One L. One E. One O. He's huge. He's probably the size of two cats. From having tea parties with my daughter to watching NASCAR with my husband, he's a pretty easy going cat. All he wants is his wet food, cat treats and ice cream.

OH MY GOODNESS...I have just become a #catblogger ! INSERT WIDE-EYED emoji here.

I will stop. Really? Cats? Who let me near a computer tonight?

Done. Good night!

OHHHHHH! Don't forget BLACK FIVE cover reveal on July 15th!



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